Luxembourg City

The capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was once one of Europe’s strongest fortresses, known as the Gibraltar of the North. Today this medieval city is home to the European Parliament and European Investment Bank.

While Luxembourg is a small, mostly rural country tucked between Belgium, Germany and France, it is accessible via train from most places in Western Europe. The airport is also located just a few miles from Luxembourg City.

Luxembourg was occupied by Germans during World War II and liberated by American troops in 1944 and 1945. Today, the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial, a short trip from the City, is the final resting place for over 5,000 American service members and General George S. Patton. It is a peaceful place for reflection and memorial.


Luxembourgish food draws from the cuisines of its neighbors’ and immigrant communities. Try French pâtisserie, German sausages and apple sauce, and Portuguese food.


The historic Grund district, known today for its nightlife, beauty and medieval charm, lies at the bottom of a valley that runs through the center of the city’s Old Town. Our favorite spots include:

Melusina A trendy night club.

The Pyg Friendly and cozy Irish pub.

Scott’s This pub is popular with the ex-pat crowd.


Casemates du Bock A network of medieval tunnels used as bomb shelters during World War II.

Le Chemin de la Corniche The “most beautiful balcony in Europe” is a lovely walk along 17th century ramparts overlooking the Grund and Alzette River valley.

Grand Duke’s Palace

The Grund Walk around before the sun sets.

Moselle River Valley vineyards The Moselle’s wines, especially the whites, are internationally recognized and cellar door tastings are a short trip from the city.

Philharmonie Luxembourg A beautiful, internationally renowned concert hall.


Luxembourg City is small and easy to get around by bus. Stay in the city center for easy access to shopping, restaurants and the Grund’s nightlife, or in the area just north of the train station.